Benefits of the New Calendar

1. It will expand your perception of the world. That is because its perpetual harmony is coordinated by the synchronic order.

2. It will increase your daily awareness. All you have to do to learn the synchronic order is to pay attention.

3. It will create more synchronicity in your life. The synchronic order is the order of reality organized by time. It is synchronic because everything is synchronized! All there is is synchronicity!

4. It will create more Order in your life/mind. Daily use of the harmonic 13:28 matrix naturally entrains your mind into higher levels of order.

5. It will increase your attunement to Nature. Use of the 13 Moon calendar will not only attune you to natural cycles, but it will also equip you with a new lens to view all aspects of your life and relationships.

6. It will expand your imagination . Follow the 13 moon calendar faithfully for 28 days and note what new perceptions, dream insights and creative ideas that might occur.

7. It will increase your intelligence. Within 52 weeks (one year) of using the 13-Moon calendar you will advance in intelligence, free dormant mind power, and increase telepathic “knowing”.

8. It will increase your awareness about the patterns of your life. By making conscious the patterns in our life we can see how a calendar affects our mind.

9. It will increase your sense of wholeness. Living by the synchronic order you can begin to assemble the pieces of your life to see the whole pattern.