The Global Council for Calendar Awareness (GCCA) is an autonomous educational and cultural platform, born in 2016 with a clear mission: to educate Humanity about the effects of calendars on consciousness, and re-introduce the 13-Moon x 28-Day +1 Matrix as the most basic, simple and practical application of an entire new science describing the Mathematics of Time.

The Global Council for Calendar Awareness (GCCA), working in collaboration with the Foundation for the Law of Time (FLT), is looking for avenues for collaboration and collective agreement on HOW to universalize, expedite and simplify an educational process at a global scale.

The Global Council for Calendar Awareness (GCCA) is conformed by a group of concerned human beings who came together to protect and safeguard our right to know the truth about time and the calendar we use to program our lives and our right to live in the right time.

We encourage everybody to participate in this most powerful MENTAL REVOLUTION in time – change your calendar and your mind will change, change your mind and your society will change, change your society and your planet will change.


Please contact us with any questions, ideas, or inspirations: