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“Historical man recoils at the prospect of actual harmony in natural time. This is because historical man defines his existence and thrives upon the dis- harmonies of his own invented time. The Gregorian calendar keeps the human mind entrained in a diabolical disorder of meaninglessly named months of uneven measure, while every day is tracked and driven by a relentless mechanism called a clock. This immersion of the mind of historical man in the frequency of his own artificial time, more than any other factor, condemns him to a world of inescapable horrors: traffic jams, poverty, terrorism, unresolvable historical and territorial disputes, global warming, environmental degradation, social disorder, insanity, and drug abuse. The problem of historical human-Homo historicus is compounded by the unconscious nature of his acceptance of this timing sensibility, believing it to be the actual nature of time. Hence, all his public and economic policies are driven by and determined by the relentlessness of this perception that time is an arrow blindly pulling him into a future in which his only defense is the creation of more technology, the technosphere itself being a pure expression of the application of the mechanization of time.”

José Argüelles
Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs.



The NEW 2023-2024 edition of the 13-Moon, 28-Day HARMONIC CALENDAR is inspired by the INHERENT BEAUTY and HARMONY present in Nature’s design. There is an underlying harmonic pattern behind all Creation. From the shape of the galaxies, to the way water flows, to sunflowers, to pinecones, to the structure of our own DNA. TIME is not linear, is not flat and is neither represented by a circle (cycle). TIME IS A SPIRAL.  The word SPIRAL and the word SPIRIT have the same root, serving us as invitation to observe and notice that Consciousness/Spirit moves in a SPIRAL fashion. With the purpose of simplifying and universalizing the comprehension of this organizing principle we are defining it as “THE HARMONIC FACTOR”:


The Harmonic Factor is the elegant mathematical principle operating as the orchestrating INTELLIGENCE behind the fabric of SPACE, LIFE and…



This mathematical constant also known as the “PHI ratio” or “Divine Proportion” is present in the natural unfoldment of forms across the universe and is reflected in the Fibonacci numerical sequence…


On this sequence ( 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,144,233…) each numberis in a Golden Proportion relationship with its predecessor and holds the harmonic resonance of the PHI ratio. This mathematical constant present across the whole fabric of Creation is defined as the Number 1.61833



TO DOWNLOAD a FREE PDF copy of the 13-Moon, 28-Day HARMONIC CALENDAR 2023-2024 click here or on the images. This calendar is presented as a Gift of Time to all human beings who feel ready to synchronize with Nature by exercising their free will and elevating their perceptions of time one level up.


“The healing process is best described as a spiral. Survivors go through the stages once, sometimes many times; sometimes in one order, sometimes in another. Each time they hit a stage again, they move up the spiral: they can integrate new information and a broader range of feelings, utilize more resources, take better care of themselves, and make deeper changes.”

Allies in Healing by Laura Davis”

The Human Being is a reflection of the patterns of the Cosmos. Women have the ability to produce an egg every 28 DAYS (13 in TOTAL during ONE Solar orbit). Once an egg is fertilized, a NEW Human Being starts to emerge from it. This process takes approximately 260 DAYS. This updated version also includes expanded references to the 260-DAY Tzolkin also known as the 13:20 Harmonic Module. This TIME Matrix of 260 DAYS serves therefore as a gauge to track and measure the cycle of Human Gestation and is a fractal of a larger cycle of the Earth: The 26.000-YEAR cycle known as known as the “Precession of the equinoxes”. In simple words: The 13-Moon, 28-Day calendar is a harmonic standard of measure for the Human Fertility cycles and the Tzolkin/13:20 Matrix is a harmonic standard of measure for the Human Gestation cycles. Together, the 13:20 and 13:28 natural timing frequencies are the coordinating forces behind LIFE on Earth.

The purpose of this distilled version of the “original” 13-Moon, 28-day calendar introduced by José Argüelles in 1992, is to ENHANCE our harmonic perceptions of time and offer it as a simple and powerful tool that can serve as a BRIDGE to assist the Human family in transitioning from centuries of subjugation to the current erroneous civil standard toward a burgeoning choice point whereby we are catalyzed to establish a new harmonic standard for timekeeping that promotes greater access to our inherent creativity and capacity to live in right relationship with each other and the planet.

The conditions for change are ripe, now more than ever. We do not have the luxury to ignore this clarion call. Our lives and the lives of generations yet to come depend upon our willingness to do what must be done. Harmony, balance, and synchronicity is what we have to gain. Adopting a new calendar means a new society and a new way of doing things. For the moment, we hope you use this tool by doing your best to keep track of the coming months until Day Out of Time + Sirian New Year: July 25-26, 2024, and notice the subtle yet powerful changes in your perceptions and in your life.




“… we have to have moral imagination and moral strength. We have to have this moral force and moral strength to change. If no one else will, we will. We have to understand that we are not helpless. We can be a million John Lennons and a million Nicholas Roerichs and a million Gandhis and do it, because if we don’t, we won’t have a world for our children. This is the fundamental meaning of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and Peace Plan. We are going to a Culture of Peace.

The natural order is in harmony with itself. When we go to the natural time, we are going to the Natural Order. Since the Natural Order is harmony, Natural Time is ART. When we live naturally, harmonically in the natural time, we become living art. This is a process, but it is one that once we are in the right time, can happen very quickly. We can create positively much more quickly than we can destroy negatively, because it is all a condition of mind. When we enter into the natural order of time, according to the Thirteen Moon Calendar – which is the practical application of the Law of Time – we will see that this calendar normalizes art as everyday life. We won’t have to have specialized art galleries, museums, or anything like that, because everyday life will become art. We don’t need to have big show-off artists, or virtuosos, which of course are good: sometimes they demonstrate a model to us; but this is not the model to aspire to. […] Everyone is an artist, everyone is a mathematician, and there is no distinction between those, when we are living art as everyday life. When we have the normalization of art as everyday life, we begin to establish the natural community in which the government is telepathy.”

José Argüelles




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